Benny Rodrigues has been truly one of a kind for years now. A well loved one-man-army, capable of playing all provinces on one night, yet remaining an undisputed underground status. Mostly due to his deep love for the groove, and his singular raw mixing techniques. For many artists ‘being out of the box’ has become a shallow promotional catchphrase. Not for Benny Rodrigues though, from his cradle to fame the infamous Now&Wow he’s seen more venues even diehard clubbers could imagine. He’s teamed up with Kapuchon aka Afrojack. Released on quality imprints such as Desolat, Saved, CLR and Klockworks, on the latter two as his hard-hittin’ techno moniker ROD. And his Facebook-page brings daily quality entertainment, from deep thoughts on his favourite soap series, to epic rants on industry phonies, to obscure techno tracks from his vaults. What’s not to love?